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Traditional Babering with Modern Styling

At The Menz Room we take the skilled art of the traidtional barber and the elegant styling of the original babar shops giving a modern day revival to the unique experience that a traditional barber shop used to give its customers.

Mens Barbers Manchester Victoria

A Cut Above The Rest

Our Range Of Services

Hair Cut

Mens Hair Cut

It's more than just the cut, using only the best products and techniques each time you take a seat in one of the mens rooms luxurious barber chairs you can relax, knowing you're in safe hands.

Mens Barbers Manchester Victoria

Hot Towel Shave

The use of the hot towel and cut throat razor offers a superior shave that's much closer to the skin than a traditional shave you'll get in front of your bathroom mirror. In fact the hot towel shave removes up to 4 layers of dead skin, reducing razor bumps and in-growing hairs whilst giving your face a refreshing exfoliation treatment.

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